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E-Cigarette Cigarillos

SmokerHaven Cigarillos Electronic Cigar.

An exclusive model for the cigar lovers. E-Cigarillos gives that satisfaction and niche lifestyle to cigar smokers without the adverse effects of real cigar. It gives much more flavour liquid and could produce up to 250 puffs per flavour cartridge. Cigarillos comes with Classic Cigar & Vanilla Cigar flavour catridge.

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Kit comes with a PCC that has LCD screen to indicate the power charge remaining in the PCC. A unique & stylish E-Cigarillos, kit comes with:


- A Beautiful Gift Box
 - 1 Portable Charging Case with a LCD battery indicator(Able to self-charge your E-Cig on the go)
 - 1 Complete Cigarillos
 - 1 Spare Intelligent Cigarillos Battery
 - 4 Flavour Cartridges
 - 1 UK Wall Plug Adapter
 - 1 USB charger cord (You may charge your E-Cig using the wall plug or Computer)
 - 1 USB direct battery charger cord


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