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E-Cigarette Flavour Cartridges

Flavour Cartridges
Simply buy additional cartridges when your stock runs out. There are so many flavors for you to choose from. And you can choose the nicotine level too (from high to none).

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Flavour Cartridges

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 - Inspired by Dunhill
 - Inspired by Marlboro
 - Inspired by Benson & Hedges
 - Clove
 - Clove Mint
 - Classic Tobacco
 - Minty Menthol
 - Shisha Strawberry
 - Shisha Vanilla
 - Orange Citrus
 - Chocolate Indulgence
 - Java Coffee
 *Disposable Cartridges comes in a pack of 5
 **Nicotine levels available are high (16mg), low (11mg) or none (0mg)
 ***Fun Flavours does not contain any nicotine (0mg)

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